Chinook Testimonials

Curtis Fielding

Curtis Fielding, standing beside one of the five Chinook wind machines that made a healthy, productive vineyard possible for Fielding Estate Winery.

"After two years of NO crop due to cold weather and frost damage on low lying areas of our vineyards we sought out Vailmont Vineyards (authorized Chinook dealer) for some professional advice in combating our cold winters and frost. We ended up installing five diesel Chinooks. In the spring of 2006 we had four monster frosts and the machines protected all areas of our vineyards from any frost damage. We are looking at very healthy vines and a great looking crop."  - - Beamsville, Ontario

Bill Henri

"I've been doing business with H.F. Hauff Company since 1978. I like to say that they engineer their products with a farmer's mentality in mind. The Victair Sprayers are reliable and built to use for a long time. Application windows can be short and you just can't afford to have down time. The Victair Sprayers just don't break down! And any necessary repairs are simple to make. I'm currently putting in 330 acres of grapes west of Roseburg, Oregon. I believe the best grapes will always have a home, and putting in the best vineyard is essential, so I just purchased 11 Chinook Wind Machines, my first order of 23 for this vineyard. I look at my wind machines as an insurance plan. In today's world, you cannot afford to lose a crop. If you save just a quarter of a crop, you have paid for the machines. Another reason I like the Chinook is that there is no dead zone below prop like with other machines. The way other props are designed, they don't push air down around the tower. The Chinook puts out 30% more air, so you can stretch the towers out farther or get more air movement and they use less fuel because the machines are more efficient, 30% savings in fuel is huge! The H.F. Hauff Company has tremendous integrity and that says a lot. I like the fact that they stay in touch with their growers."  - - Winchester, OR

Dane Klindt

"Wind machines are a necessity where I am growing fruit. The Chinook is very trustworthy and it moves more air."  - - Tygh Valley, OR

Larry Knudson

"Chinook wind machine blades give more frost protection on my Orchard- Rite and Tropic Breeze machines. They increase the protection radius by at least 100 feet.  Additionally, the increased air flow within the protected area results in greater utilization of the temperature degrees available from the upper air. We have converted the blades all our Orchard-Rite and Tropic Breeze machines. It is a small investment for that extra 100-foot radius of protection!"  - - Yakima, WA

Clyde Litchfield and son-in-law James Day

"We grow organic Mandarins, Pluots and Kiwis on 16 acres. Every year we have trouble with cold weather in the springtime. Previously we had water protection only, but we put in our 1st Chinook Wind Machine this last summer and it really saved our bacon. This year we didn't lose anything. I can't say enough about the coverage we get. One neighbor's field was not protected and he lost all of his fruit. We protect 14 acres with one Chinook Wind Machine. The Chinook blade moves a lot of air, and it's economical. I use 4 gallons of diesel an hour, while another neighbor uses 13 to 16 gallons of propane an hour with a competitor's machine. On top of it all, the Hauffs are very good people to deal with."  - - Marysville, CA

Aaron Mathison

Aaron Mathison relies on Chinook wind machines to protect his crop and H. F. Hauff to keep them running.

"I personally started working with H.F. Hauff company for my wind machine service in 1995 and I have relied heavily upon them ever since. The Hauff boys themselves are what has sold me on their wind machines. They are as honest as the day is long. If something is not going to work they will tell you right up front.

I purchased 8 new Chinook wind machines this year. I can tell you they are a lot more efficient than the other machines I have had. The V-10 with the Chinook blade flat moves air!

Our Malaga Ranch is on some pretty hilly ground which creates its own micro climate. We had never got a cherry crop out of there until this year, and thanks to the Chinook V-10 we had an excellent harvest. The auto-start option has been a great advantage for us. It's much more advanced than I expected. I can tell you that whenever there is a problem the Hauffs are right there to fix it, even if it's not their problem. They consistently go the extra mile.

In addition, their lease to buy financing option has made it possible for us to double the number of wind machines we would have purchased with conventional financing."  - - Wenatchee, WA

Julian Steenbergen

"The Ford V-10 works great, but I'm really sold on the V-10 blade. IT MOVES MORE AIR!"  - - Yakima, WA

Melvin Wells

"My Chinook was blowing the ribbons out to 500 feet... My other machines only go about 300 feet and there's a long dead spot."  - - Bridgeport, WA