Vineyard/Orchard Sprayer

We have been manufacturing the Victair Dual Fan Sprayers since 1965. 

 The Victair DFS sprayer has some distinct differences that are not prevalent in most sprayers. 

 To begin with,

  • the Victair DFS utilizes a dual fan system that produces 80+ percent 50-micron droplets – using low pump pressures – needing only 30 – 100 psi. The two highly efficient forward-pitched centrifugal fans are used inside a special designed housing to pressurize the air.  As the 145+ mph pressurized air blast exits from the volutes, it expands roughly 5X times – air shearing the chemical droplets into an average mean 50 micron size. Breaking the larger droplets into the smaller 50-micron droplets will increase spray coverage.  The highly turbulent swirling air dissipates quickly helping to reduce the air drift.
  • The two fans are contra-rotating from each other in order to give matched and more uniform penetrating spray patterns on each row sideEach fan air discharge outlet will rotate a full 270 degrees, directing the spray for better chemical placement at the spray target.   Having the ability to use a lower pump pressure will extend the life of the pump, nozzles, plumbing, etc.

 The Victair DFS is compact by design.  It is short, maneuverable, and easy to use. It is built with the grower in mind.  Round stainless steel tanks and full length agitation provides excellent chemical mixing.   The modular drop axle sub-assembly allows for many different height adjustments and load disbursements. Most spare parts are standardized and are readily available.

The Victair DFS has the unique ability of using a tractor horsepower requirement from a low 35 hp up to 70 hp.  Because of the use of the centrifugal pressure fans, the tractor horsepower requirement is dependent on the size of opening on the air discharge volutes, whereas, other sprayers will increase the fan size and/or pitch to produce more air.  The larger the discharge opening, the greater the horsepower requirement and greater volume of air created.  The 140+-mph air velocity from each fan remains the same.  1", 2" and 3” wide volute openings plus a spray tower with adjustable air volutes are available. The 3” volute being standard equipment.    

The Victair DFS is a true concentrate type sprayer with dilute capability.  Many sprayers are primarily dilute type sprayers and attempt to be concentrate by means of downsizing nozzle size and increasing pump pressure to 200-300 psi or more.  Even by doing this, other  sprayers will not produce an average mean droplet size of  50-microns.  Thus, spray coverage will not be as good and more chemicals will be used and more chemicals wasted, due to run-off.

The Victair DFS includes an optional hydraulic oil driven mechanical agitation with full length stainless steel agitator shaft.   With a connection to the  tractor hydraulics the hydraulic motor is used to mix the  chemicals at increased speeds for fast, and efficient tank mixing.  With the sprayer PTO ingaged at an idle, just enough to have the pump working,  the tractor hydraulics can be sped up allowing for a quicker and better mixing of chemicals and then turned down slower for the spray application for increased packing and bearing life.

The Victair Dual Fan Sprayer  pricing is low compared to the very effecient maximum target spray coverage.  The Victair is quality built designed to save you spray, taget the application and make you money.  

 The Victair Dual Fan Sprayer has optional equipment like: