Victair Testimonials

Bill Henri

"I've been doing business with H.F. Hauff Company since 1978. I like to say that they engineer their products with a farmer's mentality in mind. The Victair Sprayers are reliable and built to use for a long time. Application windows can be short and you just can't afford to have down time. The Victair Sprayers just don't break down! And any necessary repairs are simple to make. I'm currently putting in 330 acres of grapes west of Roseburg, Oregon. I believe the best grapes will always have a home, and putting in the best vineyard is essential, so I just purchased 11 Chinook Wind Machines, my first order of 23 for this vineyard. I look at my wind machines as an insurance plan. In today's world, you cannot afford to lose a crop. If you save just a quarter of a crop, you have paid for the machines. Another reason I like the Chinook is that there is no dead zone below prop like with other machines. The way other props are designed, they don't push air down around the tower. The Chinook puts out 30% more air, so you can stretch the towers out farther or get more air movement and they use less fuel because the machines are more efficient, 30% savings in fuel is huge! The H.F. Hauff Company has tremendous integrity and that says a lot. I like the fact that they stay in touch with their growers."  - Winchester, OR

Larry Meisner

Best Technology

"We have been using Victair Sprayer on our own farm for 40+ years.  When I went into business for myself, the Victair was a natural choice.  It has exceptional coverage (what else do you buy a sprayer for), it's easy to maintain, and using lower HP tractors saves on fuel costs.  While in the commercial application business for 35 years, we have sprayed grapes, almonds, tree fruit, citrus, walnuts, and pecans.  This sprayer can handle them all.  Because of the small droplet technology (50 micron), we can use less water while maintaining coverage and, therefore, less chemicals – usually 30 to 40 percent less.  This is the compact sprayer that can really handle the big jobs.  It's the best technology on the market."  - Kerman, CA