H.F. Hauff Company, Inc.

Still a family owned and operated company, now for over 50 years. The Hauff Family have supplied the world with Chinook Wind Machines for frost control and the award winning Victair spraying equipment for decades. Brothers, Dean and Neil Hauff have continued the family business with determination, hard work, a pinchion for engineering and a big apatite for always changing technology.  These days new technology drives price and performance to produce the winning edge over our competition to compliment our customers.

Moving from the Mid West to Washington in the mid 1960's, Dean and Neil's parents started business in Yakima Washington, building and distributing the Victair Sprayers which were a huge hit with the newly planted orchards as the Washington fruit industry began it's huge expansion.  Then in the late 1960's with all the new orchard planting activity, growers began to see crops damaged more and more by frost. This led the Hauff's into becoming the first distributors of what was then the Tropic Breeze wind machines.  This frost control business grew quickly and as Dean and Neal finished up their collage degrees there was no time to waste to help in the family business'.  Then in the early 1980's the Tropic Breeze company was sold and disbanded.  That left the Hauff family only one choice to stay in the frost control business. They started thier own new brand of wind machine, "Chinook"  Wind Machines.  Their original jingle was and still is the native meaning of "Chinook" .....a warm tropical breeze.

Dean the older of the two brothers, graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in business and finance.  Neil obtained a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington. Both their knowledge and determination has propelled the company and kept new technology moving forward throughout their business over all these years.